Welcome, get comfortable, and sing yourself in. 

Hello, I'm so glad you're here, it means you want to sing, and I really love meeting people who want to sing. I am a song carrier, a voice leader and a nature bather, preferably all at once. 

On this website, which is not updated nearly as much as it should be, you'll find a few different ways to engage in singing work with me. Maybe you need a choir to sing weekly and keep learning, maybe you have need of a song bringer for an event, maybe you'd just like to explore where your voice is at. 

Wherever you are in your singing journey, I'd love to be on that journey with you. I'm fanatical about working with people and working with voice. 

Sorrel x

"Sorrel is gentle, informed, intuitive, manages this disparate group with magical ease. I feel confident in your teaching and my learning."

"I love the non-competetive, joyful atmosphere, the balance of relaxed but focussed singing. It takes me beyond my imagined limits."