About me

I believe in play, and I believe in singing...

Most importantly I believe in the two coming together, and that it is easier to have free and joyful, emotionful singing if play is the basis from which you explore, and if you come to your voice with more curiosity than criticism. 

I am a Bristol-based choir leader and voice development worker. I believe in singing as a birthright and therapeutic practice with the ability to heal wounds that other remedies cannot touch. The voice wants to be heard, your voice wants to be heard, it wants to soothe and heal, and I love nothing more than helping that process along.

With joy and humour, we come together and make sounds that please us, harmonies that soothe and connect us to others and wild noises that express our inner world. 


I am a member of the Natural voice network of practitioners, who believe in singing as a birthright and in the bodies natural ability to make self-pleasing noises.