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One to one sessions are a chance for you to take yourself deeper into your singing with a trusted guide and friend to light the path ahead. 

I have ten years of voice training and then another ten working with singers and continually developing my practice and 'teaching' style. 

I believe that you are the person who knows the most about your voice and it's about learning to garner that information and listening to what the body and the voice is telling us. Much of the work of becoming a better singer is in active mindfulness. It is tuning in to the very small muscles of the body that are so often overlooked, it is in developing the ear to hear more keenly and precisely.

I can work with your natural voice to enable singing to feel freer and comfortable, and by proxy, your voice can become fuller and richer in tone. This is not a quick fix process, although I can give pointers and make an assessment of where your voice is at as it is. 

Things I can look at with you are:

  • Vocal range and blend

  • Pitching note accurately

  • Singing in harmony

  • Breathing for singing

  • Song interpretation/making the music your own

  • Discomfort in the voice (with referral onwards if need be)

  • Vocal tightness

  • Performance support and technique

  • Nerves

  • And anything else that comes up. 

I am supporting singers via Zoom at the moment so get in touch if you'd like to try a session. 

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