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Finding Flow

So much about my singing work is to do with finding flow, finding my own flow and helping other singers find theirs. Today I'm coming to my work from a day at the adventure playground and then the library and then a 2 hour housework blitz, needless to say my head is not in the game of singing and choosing songs for this half terms choir sessions.

So I'm partly writing to find that place, the place where my children get replaced with my choir in my headspace and where songs can flow through me so that I can feel if they work well together and seem like what the singers need.

I thought it would be a half term of polishing challenging songs and working towards a performance, but i'm feeling that for the last 6 weeks before summer my singers will need some ease and gentleness and joy, rather than hard graft! Though a balance is aways nice.

So I breathe and I sit and I open my heart to the listening, to feeling my way through an arc of six weeks, of possibly a changeable group as various members head on holidays, and of an exhausted group who really need a holiday!

I'm wondering about a summer solstice sing in a beautiful spot, a singing walk specially and only for my core choir members and a camping trip at the end of the summer that brings us all back together with our voices to set the stage for the autumn term.

I'm so blessed to do this work, I'm so glad I fell into it and am able to nourish and be nourished by it. I'm trying to write more often as a way to pull my focus back and collect and collate my thoughts. It helps so much!

Now, on to record a new to me song in 5 parts! Picture of me in my other life, that I live and love alongside singing work!

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