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Outdoor Grow Wilder Session

Latest news for this little singing community is that we are having a few small, distanced outdoor sings. The next one will be at Grow Wilder on Sunday 18th Oct 2020 at 11am. If you'd like to sing then email me at the email address on this site, or if you'd just like to come and hear some lovely singing whilst browsing their gorgeous plant display with some exquisite herb tea and cakes then please come along to Grow Wilder. The plant nursery is open 10-4 I believe.

Its a gorgeous site with a wonderful covered area, open on all sides and I'm looking forward to planning some lovely nature songs to sing, with a focus on folk songs as usual.

I'm imagining putting the singers into four corners, depending on the range they like to sing in, and then I can hover around the outside of the group and teach parts to the different areas...its all an experiment but will be so gorgeous to hear voices in harmony under this lovely cover!

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