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Song Soothing


Song soothing was my answer to the lockdown drudgery, a miniature podcast of short learnable songs that got me to connect with myself and my voice each day. 

The songs came from all over the place and I posted every day until I ran out of songs, and then tried to find more but got caught up in toddler life! 

This page is a record of that moment, one I'd love to come back to oneway with more podcasting songs and singing and joy! 


Since beginning the group many people have sent me recordings or thoughts of their own, I will be collecting them here for posterity and because they are just lovely. 

Hey Ho - Hanya Paradine
Gryff - A Keely

"My partner and I learn the songs every day and sing them together. It's great, he never would have done that before, but I'm loving our daily song breaks! Thank you and please keep it up!"


Here I will upload the songs so that they are here whenever you might need them and as a record of the group's journey. These are special recordings for me as I hear my children pickling around in the background. 

Tape Ton pied
Track Name

Tape Ton Pied. A French children song, I learnt this from Sarah Pennington, a south-west based Choir leader, and have enjoyed using it to inspire play in groups.

It works as a round, and there are a few places to come in, try it after the first 'Pied' and then after 'Terre'...

A boat an Egilsay ferry
Track Name

A boat an Egilsay Ferry. Travelled to me via Rich and Hannah. The text is found on a broadsheet from the 1800's. 

dartington round
Track Name

Random fact, I went to Dartington, the arts college that used to be there. I learnt this from Sarah Pennington but don't know anything about its origin. 

Track Name
Earth and ocean

Learnt from Hannah Cooper, still digging for a source. 

little bird

This is of Carribean origin, and features on Pete Seegers Birds, Beasts and Fishes album, which I highly recommend. 

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