The Island Folk Choir

group choir portrait  with nikko in  mid

The Island Folk Choir are a community of singers who are drawn together by a love of folk songs and harmony singing.

We sing songs from the British Isles and beyond and improvisation and or sound bathing is embedded into each session, an opportunity to connect deeply with your own voice and with the techniques I share with you as well as leaning in to the sound of the whole choir. 

Here are a couple of videos of our songs

Before the lockdown we have performed semi-regularly at local community events - wassails/harvest fairs/festivals...and at our self organised ceilidhs, which are a huge community affair with all the gorgeous chaos of families and cake and wild dancing! 

The choir is entirely open access and everything is taught by ear so no experience necessary. If you think you can't sing then it doesn't matter because singing in the Island Folk is about it feeling good, not how it sounds. I believe that once it feels good, it is likely to sound good, and I've not been wrong yet. 


The choir are currently running weekly on Tuesday evenings at a church space in Greenbank, numbers are caped at 25 at the moment and each 6 week term we usually have up to 5 spaces open up. 


Payment is on a self selecting sliding scale working out at £6/7 or 8 per session. Members pay for a six week block at a time. 


To hear about new terms and spaces that open up, please join my mailing list, I email out each term with details of what's coming up, be it spaces in the choir or other offerings. 


If you need to sing before a space becomes available or want to trial my style of working you can book on to a singing walk. Monthly walks in beautiful Pensford learning songs along the way. 




"[This morning I had]... experimented with my mum on another song with harmonies (without much luck!) so was feeling a bit bummed about my singing prowess but now I feel all happy and full up of song and harmony again. Thanks so much. So so appreciate what you bring to our singing community..." Chloe about a zoom session