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The Island Folk Choir


The Island Folk Choir are a community of singers who are drawn together by a love of folk songs and harmony singing. I am proud to have been running this choir, in its various permutations for 15 years! 

We sing songs from the British Isles and beyond, with a focus on honouring the song and the storytelling that is important to the tradition. I choose arrangements that best help us to honour the song or I arrange them myself.


Space for improvisation and or sound bathing is embedded into sessions, an opportunity to connect deeply with your own voice and with the techniques I share with you as well as leaning in to the sound of the whole choir. 

Here are a couple of videos

The choir perform semi-regularly at local community events - wassails/harvest fairs/festivals...and sometimes with our in house ceilidh band All At Sea. 

The choir is entirely open access and everything is taught by ear, we are cultivating a community in which we believe in singing as a birthright of all and try to create as many opportunities for singing with a wider community as possible. 

There are currently no spaces in the choir, though they do come up a few times a year. Sessions are on a Tuesday evening in East Bristol. 


"Sorrel is an imaginative and compassionate teacher! She is great at encouraging less confident singers and helps us to listen well as well, I particularly enjoy the effects of good listening on our overall sound, it's so great to be part of a wonderful resonant music."

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 22.53.10.png

"I was feeling a bit bummed about my singing prowess but now I feel all happy and full up of song and harmony again. Thanks so much. So so appreciate what you bring to our singing community..." Chloe 

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