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Folk Song Arrangements

Since my folk choir began 15 years ago I have dabbled in arranging songs for them to sing. Often I would want to sing a song and the arrangements I found were not suitable or just not to my admittedly picky taste. I now have a small but growing pile of arrangements that I'm happy with and another pile that I'm still working on. Here is what I have at the moment and I'll add more as they become available. 

You can get an arrangement from me for a £10 admin fee by emailing me with the name of the song you'd like. 


All songs come with recorded parts, words and some history - though I do recommend your own research as well. Some have scores, depending on the complexity. I would never give score to singers but thats up to you.  

Many of the songs work in 'mixed voice' meaning that anyone can sing any part and it will sound good. this is great for creating a gender inclusive space and works well for the vocal ranges of community choirs, nothing is too high or too low, generally.

Hal An Tow -

A song from the Cornish town of Helston, sung every year as part of their flower festival in the first week of May. It is often sung as a May day song, and suits that setting. Uplifting and jolly. This is in 3 parts and is teachable in one session. 

Katy Cruel -

A song found in America but with roots in probably Scotland. This is a marching song, but with a big epic intro. It is the story of a shunned woman and I take it to be a queer folk song. Three parts with a unison verse, teachable in one session but takes much longer to hone. 

Snow Falls -

Written for a play by John Tams, this is a gorgeous winter song, bringing promise of brighter times, and honouring the. grief tending of the season. This arrangement is 3 parts and teachable in 3 sessions. 

Oak and Ash and Thorn -

This is a big number with lots of old tree lore and lots of variation in the verses, words by Rudyard Kipling, tune by Peter Bellamy. This is 4 parts and it is teachable in a term, best taken slowly and learnt well. 

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