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Workshops for all ages

I regularly run workshops in the communities I work in and at festivals and events. I love to work with all ages and finding new ways to make all people feel comfortable in the singing environment. It can be a wonderful thing to come together with your community or family and sing together and can offer new perspectives on people and relationships. 

Possible workshops: Wedding songs, get the whole congregation singing songs that we can choose together. Wassail songs: Wassail songs in 2 to four harmony. Could be taught as a part of a wassail or in preparation, or just for fun with friends or a childrens history group etc. Blessingways: Song for welcoming your new babe into the world and welcoming you into motherhood. Can be good to gather new songs so that the Twinkle Twinkle song rut doesn't set in too soon. Mother and child groups: Songs that nourish parents and soothe/feed children and babies.

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